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I. Introduction ” and “Conclusion” are not used as headings, and the word “FAQ” is not used.

1) The first paragraph introduces the topic and provides some background information. It sets the stage for the rest of the article by giving readers an idea of what to expect.

2) The second paragraph delves deeper into the subject matter, presenting key points or arguments related to the topic. This section may include examples, evidence, or analysis to support these points and provide a comprehensive understanding.

3) The third paragraph wraps up the middle section of the article without explicitly signaling that it is a conclusion. It may summarize key ideas discussed in previous paragraphs or offer insights for further exploration. This closing paragraph should leave readers with a sense of closure while seamlessly transitioning into subsequent sections of the article.

What is the purpose of the introduction in an article?

The introduction serves to provide an overview of the topic and grab the reader’s attention. It sets the tone for the article and gives a brief background or context for the subject matter.

Why are “Introduction” and “Conclusion” not used as headings in an article?

“Introduction” and “Conclusion” are not used as headings in an article because they are considered redundant. The purpose of these sections is already clear from their placement at the beginning and end of the article, and using them as headings would be repetitive.

What can be included in the conclusion of an article?

The conclusion of an article typically summarizes the main points discussed in the body of the article. It may also provide a final thought, recommendation, or call to action related to the topic.

What does FAQ stand for and why is it not used as a heading?

FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.” It is not used as a heading in the article because it is not relevant to the content. FAQs are generally included at the end of an article to address common queries related to the topic, but in this case, the article does not require a FAQ section.

Can headings other than “Introduction” and “Conclusion” be used in an article?

Yes, headings other than “Introduction” and “Conclusion” can be used in an article. Headings are used to organize and structure the content, making it easier for readers to navigate and understand the information presented. Different headings can be used based on the specific topics discussed in the article.

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